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What is the labor Community?

Date of publication 18/06/2013

Universidade Nova de Lisboa website is the result of a partnership between Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Trabalhando Network – a community present in 11 ibero-american countries that offers around 200 thousand job opportunities each month and which specialized in Universities’ career websites, counting more than 600 institutions amongst its network.

The network’s websites are all linked so that job offers and CVs’ dissemination is maximized according to the needs (and wishes) of companies and candidates.

  • A Job offer published in Trabalhando and in its partner websites will appear in Universidade Nova de Lisboa, if it is relevant for our students.
  • The Universidade Nova de Lisboa students’ CVs will appear in company searches, if candidates give their authorization for that.


Network Entities in Portugal:

Higher Education Entities:







About Trabalhando

The Trabalhando network was founded in 1999 with its first Job website in Chile. It is currently present in 11 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Mexico. It is the leading work community in the ibero-american region. In the last few years it has consolidated as the reference for online recruiting, selection job fairs and seminars’ organization.

The Trabalhando Network is more than a sum of websites: it is a large community formed by partner websites amongst which are important universities, institutes, chambers of commerce, company associations and towns.  Each month it receives around 195 thousand Job offers, 4.1 million aplications and its data base counts around 8 million online CVs and 600 thousand companies. Its main shareholder is Universia.


About Universia

Universia  is a network of 1 232 universities in 23 ibero-american countries, (Andorra, Argentina, Bolívia, Brasil, Chile, Colômbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, México, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay e Venezuela). It develops its initiatives on and offline.

Portugal was the eighth country in which Portal Universia was launched, on May 2nd 2002. Currently, it counts 27 higher education institutions, public and private, that represent 70% of the university community in Portugal. Universia is Trabalhando’s main shareholder and it is part of Banco Santander Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

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